How Much Is A Fake Rolex Worth?

Have you thought about wearing luxury watches to lighten your dressing together? But the prices of authentic luxury watches kill your ideas. Now we offer you a large selection of much cheaper substitutes for luxury watches like replica Rolex watches

Well, there are plenty of websites where you will find the Rolex replica watches with different costs. According to the advancement of technology and the increasing quality of fake watches, counterfeiters charge much higher prices? 

 Nevertheless, the question is “what would be the present market value of these fake Rolex watches?” Today in this article we will discuss how much is a fake Rolex worth? Read on…

How to recognize a fake Rolex?

The following tips will help you discover if a Rolex is false or not; you just have to be patient and pay attention to the following characteristics.

1. The top grade replica rolex is heavy:

All the quality machinery and metal of the Rolex give it a significant weight compared to an « ordinary » watch. If you feel that the Rolex you want to sell is light, begin to doubt, although lately this track is being well treated by counterfeiters that over time have added weight inside in the form of lead sheets.

2. The original Rolex has anti-scratch glass:

A good trick for a Rolex salesman is to ask him if he can grab a key and scratch it. If the seller knows that it is false, it will not leave you; if it is original it will allow it without problems. The trick is that the crystals that equip these luxury watches are sapphire crystals and can only be scratched with a diamond.

3. The Rolex does not « tick »:

The internal machine (the clock itself) causes the Rolex to move the hands of the second hand about 8 times per second. This means that if you put your ear next to the watch, you will not hear the « ticking » of a typical clock but a much faster and more accurate sound. Like the weight this is an item that the best replicas have taken into account, but not the cheapest.

4. The Rolex has a perfect mesh:

Check the mesh well, in the original Rolex is merely ideal. All the links move in an utterly accurate way. The inserts fit smoothly, and if you run your fingertips over all the parts, everything should feel very soft. This revision must be subtle.

5. The Rolex has « soft » needles:

The termination of the needles is fundamental. In the following image, you can see the differences between those of an original (left) and those of a replica (right). The finish and the angles of the metal are essential and are quite visible, except in the most expensive replicas.

6. The Rolex is sold in places of trust:

There is not much more to say about this. If you are interested in one of these watches, buy it in jewelry with experience and trajectory, that have a good number of watches and that the seller knows what he is talking about. In case of doubt, you can contact the Rolex office in your country by phone.

The difference: Swiss replica Rolex watches VS Japanese replica Rolex watches

There are 5 grades of replica Rolex watches. But the two significant grade of Rolex replicas: Swiss and Japanese. Both the Swiss and Japanese have different features. The differences between those two grades are given as follows: 

  • Swiss replica Rolex watches:

The original Rolex Replicas of Swiss grade is in the top position. According to the examiners & newspapers, Swiss replica Rolex watches are very much similar to the innovative Rolex timepieces. 

They experiment for solid gold. They feel, look and weight precisely the same as the original one. The retail price of the authentic Swiss-made ETA modified replica Rolex watches is at least $1300.  

•    The Swiss grade is using machinery that is replicated from Swiss technology

•    The Swiss grade replica Rolex watches are much more accurate

•    They are using the most expensive and sophisticated movement ETA 

•    They are 904L solid steel made 

•    SWISS models are indistinguishable both inside and outside

•    Guaranteed pure 18k gold wrap

•    Prices range: ~$400-$700 (depending on models)

•    Warranty: 1 to 2 years 

  • Japanese rolex replica watches: 

The Japanese replica Rolex watches are more profitable than the Swiss-made Rolex replicas. The Japanese replicas are made very choicely in Japan. They almost look like the Swiss-made replica. 

They feature durable stainless steel construction though the quality is not as good as 904L steel grade followed on original Swiss-made replicas. 

•    Japanese grade is using Japanese made movement, which is also good but not Swiss quality

•    They use different mechanisms than the Swiss grade

•    They are not using 904L solid steel in their construction 

•    They are not solid gold wrapped

•    The Japanese grade watch is not as heavy as a Swiss Grade watches 

•    Guaranteed genuine 18k gold wrap

•    Prices range: Japanese- ~$200 (depending on models)

•    Warranty: 6 months 

How much is a fake Rolex worth?

The fake Rolex watches seem to be a billion-dollar company. They capture approximately 11 % of customs. According to FH, in 2013 over 120,000 fake watches were taken. The law forces captured USD 375.4 million values of watches in 2014. It increased to USD 653.6 million values of watches in 2016.  

According to the report of FH, fake watch sales over USD 1.08 billion annually. The sales rate of fake Rolex watches is increasing day by day because they look almost the same to the original ones. The cost of fake Rolex watches is $250 where its initial cost is $200,000. 

The wholesale prices range from USD 150 to USD 180. On the other hand, the retail price of these Rolex replica watches is $300. The average cost is ranging from $200 to $1500. 

Note: According to the study, depending on their model Swiss replica Rolex watches are about ~$400-$700. On the other hand, the Japanese are about ~$200 (based on their model). Many the best Rolex replica watches are only about USD 200.


There you have the overall discussion over the worth of exact rolex copy. We hope you learned the basics are the Rolex replicas worthy of buying. Well, this extremely the common concern to the customers. In general, you can get what you paid. 

But our suggestion is to be a little careful when you buy a Rolex replica of over $300. Also always use your credit card when you make your payments. 

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We hope this article is helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below. And don’t forget to share your experience…